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Our Current Litters

Photos from our last litter - Daisy & Finn 


Our Planned Litters for 2024

Puppies due April/May 2024.                                                                                              Our beautiful lady Caddy will become a Mumma in 2024 for the first time!  We are so impressed with this stunning girl - her temperament matches her good looks.  She is super chilled and confident and these are just qualities we want to pass down our line.  We have paired Caddy with the equally as chilled and very handsome Toshi.  We are expecting a litter of medium Labradoodles in fleece coats - Chocolates and Creams. Make no mistake, these puppies will be something special!!


Kari's Cadbury Kisses (Caddy)

Nicnak Toshiro

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Puppies due June/July 2024.                                                                                                 Our beautiful mumma Stella will have her second litter with us next year and we just can't go past the amazing Toshi.  Stella and Toshi's last litter produced such beautiful puppies all with calm easy going temperaments that we will repeat this mating this space for more beautiful medium sized puppies in Chocolates and Caramel Creams.


Kari's Hersey Kisses (Stella)

Nicnak Toshiro

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Puppies due October/November 2024.                                                                                Our beautiful Kari's Lika Daisy will be having a litter in November 2024.  We have chosen  Mister Finntastic for her boyfriend - a repeat of her last litter!!  A litter of Chocolates, Caramels and Creams all dressed in glorious fleece non shedding coats, they will be perfect medium sized Puppies!!  We expect fabulous temperaments with these puppies as all the parental markers are there and the last litter from this pairing was "Finntastic"!!


Kari's Lika Daisy (Daisy)


Kalina's Mister Finntastic (Finn)

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Planned for late  2024/early 2025.                                                                                         Our beautiful Lulu will hopefully be having her first litter towards the end of 2024, and we have chosen the perfect  boyfriend for her!! Our super chilled Rusty will be her guy, and they will be personality plus! Are we ever excited for these puppies!  Stunning fleece non shedding coats in Chocolates and rich Caramels - what more could you want!


Labracadabra Destiny's Dreamin (Lulu)

 Rusty's Rolo (Rusty)

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