Our Current Litters

On Sunday 27th Feb 2022 we welcomed puppies from Bernie and Blues litter!! & beautiful puppies in a rainbow of colours.  These will be medium to large medium sizes

Bernies litter1_edited.jpg
Bernies litter2_edited.jpg

Our Future Planned Litters

This pairing produced such amazing puppies the first time, we have decided to repeat it. Betty aka Kalina's Ebony Kisses will honeymoon with Bellisimo Felix the Dog in Feb 2022, and we are expecting a litter of large mediums in solid colours of: Chocolate, Gold, Creams and Black. We will see her puppies born in May 2022. 


Puppies are coming!!   Betty & Felix have honeymooned. We are expecting puppies around 21st May 2022


Kalina's Ebony Kissess

Bellisimo Felix the Dog

The waitlist for this litter is now open with               pet puppies available

This will be the first litter for this stunning girl, we are so very excited to meet her puppies and witness her become a mumma.  We are hunting high and low for her Mr Right, a boy that will compliment her easy going personality and her joyful nature. Stella's puppies will be expected around September 2022


Kari's Hersey Kisses (Stella)

The waitlist for this litter is now open