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Kari Labradoodles Health Guarantee


All of Kari Labradoodle's breeding dogs are fully health tested following the requirements of the Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA).   We test, screen and grade hips and elbows of every breeding dog in our program as well as full DNA screening.  Hip and Elbow screening must meet the minimum requirement outlined by the ALA - AVA screening for hips must not exceed a combined hip score of 15 (by an approved AVA Radiologist) and only an elbow score of 0 is permissible.  PennHIP screening must not exceed 0.60 on either hip.


The results of these tests allow us to make informed decisions on breeding pairs to ensure our puppies are healthy.    Kari Labradoodles provide a 2 year Health Guarantee for life inhibiting genetic and hereditary health conditions.   Our support is ongoing and we are happy to assist where possible.    Please ask for a copy of our Health Guarantee Contract. 

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