A Guardian Family (GF) is a family that is local to us (within 30min’s drive) and they  become the Guardians for one of our future breeding dogs. This is a puppy which has has ticked all the boxes and been selected especially from a litter to hopefully join our breeding program once they have come of age and passed their health testing. The guardian puppy is part of the GF home forever and the breeding rights of the boy/girl are retained by Kari Labradoodles while under a breeding agreement. Once they have completed their breeding schedule for Kari (usually 3 litters for a girl) they are desexed and ownership is transferred to the GF.

Having our breeding dogs live in Guardian homes allows them to live a happy life in a busy family, where they get socialised, are taught their doggie manners, played with, walked and lots of cuddles enabling them to be well rounded, confident, content and happy dogs.  Happy, confident and social dogs make happy, social and confident puppies so it is a win-win for us, the Guardian Family and most importantly of all, our breeding boys and girls. While we would love to keep everyone of our boys and girls we just can’t give them the love & attention they deserve - this is what makes the Guardian program so special.



The win for the GF is they get this amazing puppy that is the 'pick of the litter', selected for its amazing qualities that our labradoodles have come to be known for. While their dashing good looks is just an added bonus, they are a fraction of the price of a pet puppy. Your puppy will be fully health tested all at our expense and all breeding related costs are covered by us so it doesn’t get much better than that.

The cost to you is your guardian payment and your time. We need you to invest your time into taking puppy to Puppy School and making sure they do their homework plus the normal day to day costs of raising a family dog & of course a bit of running around if we need assistance with getting puppy to the vet for any testing or reproductive visits.  We do most of this of course but sometimes teamwork makes the dream work.


All of our Guardian puppies get health tested around their 1st birthday,  So we really don’t need to see your boy/girl till it is time for photos around 7-8 months of age and then around their 1st birthday to complete their health testing. Although ‘drop-ins’ are always welcome! 

Anytime your boy/girl is at our house they are treated as a part of our family and have full access to our household.


The Girls:  We contract our girls for a maximum of three litters. We don’t always do a third litter, and this is decision made after we have health and temperament tested the progeny from the first two litters. Each girl is rested for a season after any back to back litters.

With health testing, if she does not get the test scores we hoped for she will be desexed and retired from our breeding program. Should she get great scores, she will be only desexed once she has completed her all breeding duties at our expense.


What is most important with our breeding girls that we are notified of each and every heat cycle and that you feel competent to check for any signs of a heat when it is expected. (We send you a heads-up email around the time her heat is due with signs to look for). If your girl is an integral part of your family it will be easy to notice.


When she is with us during any mating’s or whelping litters the time frames can vary girl to girl, cycle to cycle, litter to litter, due to a combination of factors such as mother nature and the girl but we will let you know more about this when we chat with you. We try to keep her to a normal routine as much as possible.  


After your girl has honeymooned, we provide you with all the extra information you need  to keep her health and wellbeing a focus.  It’s important to keep her comfortable & relaxed so she can start preparing her body for her litter’s arrival. She will come to us in her last week of pregnancy so we can get here settled and monitor her progress, she will remain in our care until her litter has properly weaned at around 6 weeks of age.



The Boys:  The guys have an easier time, and  we only usually need him for the mating. Most often his job is done and he returns home same day, only occasionally do we need him for a sleep over, and this is usually because of logistics.

There will be times when we may be required to do an Artificial Insemination (AI) or semen collection and while we try to give you as much notice as possible regarding any mating’s please appreciate at times it may be very short notice and we will need access to him.  How often he is used can vary, we don't like to saturate our lines with the one stud so it isn't excessive by any means but due to different factors which we will let you know more about. Our boys will remain in our breeding program for up to 5 years.

Should the boy not get the test scores we hoped for he will be desexed and retired from our breeding program. Meaning that he goes home to you and we consider the Guardian contract concluded. Should he get great scores, he will be desexed once all breeding duties have been completed & at our expense.


Again, we will go over everything with you in detail as there can be a lot of variations, so we do try to tailor the arrangement to suit everyone and be as flexible as possible.


Being a GF truly is a unique and rewarding experience, if this sounds like something that you and your family with like to know more about please get in contact with us…we’d love to talk to you.