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What is a guardian family/puppy and how does it work?

Great Question.....a Guardian Family  is a family that is local to us within 30min’s drive of Redcliffe QLD, and they  agree to become the Guardians for one of our future breeding dogs. This is a puppy which has has ticked all the boxes and been selected especially from a litter to hopefully join our breeding program once they have come of age and passed their health testing - typically for us it will be a female.  The guardian puppy is a full member of the guardian families home and lives a happy contented life with that family. The breeding rights of the boy/girl are retained by Kari Labradoodles while under a breeding agreement. Once they have completed their breeding schedule for Kari (usually 3 litters for a girl) they are desexed and full ownership is at that point transferred to the Guardian Family

Our families find this experience to be a magical and enriching one, and they will be able to come and visit their pet and see the beautiful puppies that she has produced.  Its pretty amazing !!

Our Guardian puppies are the  'pick of the litter' having been selected for being a shinning example of the all the best qualities on a Labradoodle 

The cost to you is your guardian payment which is a fraction of the cost of a pet puppy and of course your time. We need you to invest your time into taking puppy to Puppy School and making sure they do their homework - We cover the cost of a home visit from a puppy specialist to help you set up your puppies new living areas and get get puppy settled into her new environment.  We also will provide you with a voucher to book into an approved puppy school class, additionally we pay for all reproductive costs associated with breeding.  You would naturally cover the normal day to day costs of raising a family dog & of course a bit of running around if we need assistance with getting puppy to the vet for any testing or reproductive visits.  We do most of this of course but sometimes teamwork makes the dream work.


We will go over everything with you in detail as there can be a lot of variations, so we do try to tailor the arrangement to suit everyone and be as flexible as possible. If you have an interest in becoming a Guardian for of our future breeding stars please reach out and have a chat with us, we would love to hear from you!!


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